Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Released 5 New Story Bundles

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I recently released 5 story bundles. A story bundle contains three related stories that are packaged together and sold at a discount. Think of it like a mini anthology. Each of these bundles costs $6.99.

If you were to purchase each story in a bundle individually, it would cost you $8.97. So, by purchasing a bundle instead of each story one at a time, you could save $1.98. The bundles that were just released include...

Doing the Dragon Trilogy includes...

Doing the Dragon

Doing the Dragon 2: The Dragon in Me

Doing the Dragon 3: Rion's Cousin

Gangbang of the Werewolves Trilogy includes...

Gangbang of the Werewolves

Gangbang of the Werewolves 2: Pregnant Mating

Gangbang of the Werewolves 3: Mating with the Pack

Titillating Tentacle Trouble Trilogy includes...

Titillating Tentacle Trouble

Titillating Tentacle Trouble 2: Breeding an Army

Titillating Tentacle Trouble 3: Suction Cup Surprise

Erotic Milking Stories 1 includes...

Dr. Milkman

Dr. Milkman 2: A Milky Midnight Delight

Milked by an Understanding Hand

Dragon Sex Story Bundle 1 includes...

Submitting to the Dragon

Fucking in Flight

Poked by Puff: A Magical Dragon Sex Adventure

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