Friday, October 12, 2012

Heading Toward 20

Oh my goodness! It's been nearly a month since I have made a blog post, how could I have let time get away from me?

For those of you wondering why I've been away, life has been very hectic for me. I have been thrown off of my regular writing schedule because of family issues that I've had to deal with. On top of that, school and work have been very hectic, I hardly have any time to write. But I am making time as I can. I have 16 stories out and will be doing number 17 and 18 really soon. Even though it's hard work, I'm enjoying writing erotica more than I thought I would, and am thrilled that other people are enjoying it as well. I hope that I create more work that other people enjoy.

Maybe one day if I'm very lucky, I can write full time and create even more stories for people to enjoy. This blog post will be short, as I've had a bunch to do, but I should be making another one very soon. For those of you wanting an update, these are the stories I have out thus far and ones that are coming out next.

Thank you very much for sticking with me. I hope life is treating you all kindly.

Remember to smile and that everyone is sexy in their own way!


Stories Coming out Soon

Doing the Dragon 3:  Rion's Cousin

Gangbang of the Werewolves 3: Pack Mating

Dragon Sex Stories

Doing the Dragon

Doing the Dragon 2: The Dragon in Me

Submitting to the Dragon

Fucking in Flight

Poked by Puff: A Magical Dragon Sex Adventure

Werecreature Sex

Gangbang of the Werewolves

Gangbang of the Werewolves 2: Pregnant Mating

Banging the Werebear

Tentacle Sex

Titillating Tentacle Trouble

Titillating Tentacle Trouble 2: Breeding an Army

Titillatint Tentacle Trouble 3: Suction Cup Surprise

Milking Sex

Dr. Milkman

Dr. Milkman 2: A Milky Midnight Delight

Milked by an Understanding Hand

Other Sex Stories

Hunter's Honey Bunny (Bunny Girl Erotica)

A Ghost's Comfort (Ghost Erotica)

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