Friday, March 1, 2013

A New Title and a New Anthology Out.

Hello all you wonderful people out there. I just recently released two new stories and a new story bundle a few days ago. The first new story was a sequel to the title A Dragon Rescue. It's titled "A Dragon Rescue 2: The Rescue Team. The story accounts how Jarshy and Lily rescue a man that's lost in a snowstorm. The man is a soldier, however he isn't one that Lily recognizes. He's very strong and has a mysterious air that attracts Lily. Will this man put her and Jarshy's relationship in danger? Find out! You can purchase A Dragon Rescue 2 on one of the outlets below.

A Dragon Rescue 2 on Amazon

A Dragon Rescue 2 on Barnes and Noble

The next book is called "Stealing from a Dragon." A young thief tries to prove her worth to her thieves guild by stealing from a dragon. She gets caught, and now must craftily find a way to get out of trouble. You can find this story by using the links below.

Stealing from a Dragon on Amazon

Stealing from a Dragon on Barnes and Noble

Finally I released a story bundle that contains two of my more recent, and sensuous stories. A Dragon Rescue, The Flying Suns: An Erotica Horror, and the two mentioned above. It can be found via the following links

A Dragon Rescue Story Bundle on Amazon

A Dragon Rescue Story Bundle on Barnes and Noble

Okay, that's all for now! Thank you all for your support. Remember to smile!