Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Dragon and Weretiger Story Released Today

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to tell you all about two new stories that I released today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, Bound for the Dragon and With the Weretiger.

Bound for the Dragon is my first dragon title in a little over a month. The story centers around a woman as she takes part in a "dominance session" with her dragon master. As you can guess, the story contains a great deal of BDSM. At about 11,000 words, Bound for the Dragon has the distinction of being the longest title I've ever released. So give the story a try, and get into the experience of being "Bound by the Dragon."

With the Weretiger is a story about a girl who just recently broke up with her boyfriend. She goes to a club called "The Hook Up" where she meets a kind, hunky guy. This isn't just a normal hunky guy though, he's a Weretiger!

The links to these titles can be found below.

Bound by the Dragon


Barnes and Noble


With the Weretiger


Barnes and Noble


I hope you all enjoy my new stories. I'm currently working on another dragon story and will hopefully be done with that soon.

Thank you all for reading.

Remember to smile and stay sexy!


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